This site contains insights and advice for ‘new business’. I chose ‘new business’ rather than ‘startup’ because the latter term has come to mean a new company expected to scale quickly. As I explain, I don’t believe the VC based startup model is suitable for the majority of companies. Also, ‘new business’ covers companies that have been in business a long time and wish to innovate into new areas.

A common theme throughout this site is that particular advice doesn’t suit all situations. Often ‘It depends’. To succeed, you always end up having to make pragmatic and sometimes painful decisions. There are too many strong minded people such as consultants and technical staff extolling ‘best practice’ when it’s only really suitable, for example, for large companies with massive budgets. Tellingly, there nearly always seems to be new best practice with something better and shinier coming along which leaves the old best practice, and you, in a rut.

There’s a strong emphasis on mobile on this site not just because that’s where I have spent the majority of my career but also because ‘new business’ often has to be mobile first.

The insights come from my having worked for over three decades creating software, first for a consultancy and then for a very large number of clients, large and small, in the mobile software industry who were creating their ‘new business’. More recently, in 2015, I transitioned to working with ‘new business’ in the locating, tracking, IoT and AI machine learning sectors. There’s a separate article if you wish to learn more about me.

This site is gradually being seeded with some updated ‘new business’ oriented insights from the popular site I ran for two decades that I recently took down as I was no longer working solely in mobile. I am adding new thoughts from building my ‘new business’ at Beaconzone.

I hope this site helps you solve a few business quandaries and contributes to making your ‘new business’ a success.

Simon Judge, United Kingdom