I am the founder and CEO of Beaconzone in the United Kingdom, specialists in Bluetooth beacon solutions, creating tracking, sensing and triggering solutions.

Prior to Beaconzone I was a well-known mobile developer for about two decades, including for Sony Ericsson, Symbian, Philips Research and prior to that I started my career at Plessey Electronics, Logica, Vodafone and Oracle.

I have worked in many industry areas such as defence, government, mobile OS creation, mobile handset, cellular provision, art, insurance, farming, retail, health, tourism, database, finance, real-estate, photography, sport and education.

I am a graduate of University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST) and have a BSc. and M Eng. in Microelectronic Systems Engineering, a mix of hardware and software.


He is a very professional expert with the rare blend of great development skills and a strong business acumen. I would highly recommend Simon to potential clients

Simon Jessup, Pixology

We brought Simon is as a contractor to benefit from his expertise, in order to allow us to complete short timescale, high profile project for a key customer. Simon was able to hit the ground running, quickly integrating with the rest of the local team and working well with our customer’s engineers in Europe. He also coped brilliantly with our customer’s changing requirements. Ultimately, the project was delivered on time to a satisfied customer and we simply could not have done that without Simon’s help and experience

Stuart Butterfield, Philips Research

I brought Simon into what was quite a technically involved project well into its development cycle. He was easy to work with, assimilated the concepts and complexities, and went on to contribute to the project in ways beyond our original intention or expectation. I would be happy to work with Simon again

Brett Connor, Oracle

Thanking you for the tremendous work that you’ve done this year. We are very aware that not every developer can overcome the hurdles that you have overcome

Yuval Yashiv, IRISS Medical Ltd